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Zeta Continue the Record Breaking 2020 Season

Oct 26, 2020 9:01:17 AM / by S Lasseter posted in Hurricane, 2020 Season, claims, management, insurance, record breaker, expense, zeta, property and casualty


Zeta is expected to strengthen into a hurricane later today before it hits the Yucatan. This storm is just among the many storms breaking records this year. 

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Carriers Speak On Benefits Of Claims Expense Management

Oct 14, 2020 11:10:59 AM / by S Lasseter posted in Carrier, Expense Management, Hurricane, P&C, Independent Adjuster, LAE, Time & Money

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The 2020 CAT season only has 7 weeks left but carriers will be investigating and paying claims for years to come. Isaias, Laura and Sally estimates are coming in at $6 to $12 billion each, and the August derecho is already over $4 billion. Carriers are speaking up about the difference it made to have VIP Software™ enabling them to work more efficiently and confidently as new storms rolled in week after week during the prime of the season.

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